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It is a common trend in all online casinos to play with free money. No loss is incurred by the casino when doing this because they have the necessary requirements for that. Moreover, the online casinos have everything to gain when they manage to get the starting players to graduate to real money bets. Starting online gamblers can also use the free money as a way of assessing games, finding out the techniques and decide whether they proceed with the game before they start making real bets. In this article we'll talk of two ways in which the online casino free play games can be maximized on.

The first technique of the online casino free play games is the one used by online download casinos. The process involves registering as a member with one of the online casinos. Next, you have to specify whether you want to start on the free money option. If yes, you wouldn't need to go through the deposit options neither will your bank details be necessary. When approved, the player is then offered a free money account with a starting amount. Each bet the player places decreases the account money while a win tops up the account. However, the money cannot be withdrawn; the wins are only meant to motivate the player to start on real money bets.

The second option in online casino free play games is one that instant play online casinos like to use. A new player isn't required to register or keep a money account when trying out the online games for free. Each time a new player opens with a free money option an initial free money balance is set on default. Some software developers even let the player determine his own free money balance before placing the bets. The online casino erases all free money balances once the betting ends.

In the second option if the player chooses to open another betting session, he will have to establish a new free money balance to play with. Though it's on practice you have to be careful not to lose all your free money way too early since you can't reload.