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Normally, during festivals such as, Valentines, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas there are normally numerous slot games. Casinos owners usually take it upon themselves to create a theme that goes along with a festival around a particular slot. As such, it is astonishing that there are less free online casino slots games that have an Easter theme built around them. What's more is that a majority of the online casino slots only circuitously cover on some components of a particular festival. Nonetheless, all hope is not lost as there is certain free online casino slots game that brings to life the whole being of Easter festivals. The game is called Eggstravaganza and is offered by Rival Gaming Casino.

Unlike other types of free online casino slots, Eggstravaganza is a 3-reel slot online game which features alongside a sole payline. The casino has utilized a lush green on the background as a symbol for the commencement of spring. To add a twist to the whole theme, the casino has included buttons, pay tables as well as reels that are made from bars of chocolate. Other features included in the free online casino slots games theme are Easter Egg, Egg Basket, Bunny Rabbit plus chocolates amongst others. These are signs which are synonymous with Easter.

Nonetheless, the animations are not designed to feature within the signs of the spools. Every time that the duck pops out in a payline, a group of up to 4 ducks dilly-dallies along the top of the rolls. On the other hand, every time that the bunny rabbit pops out within the payline, there is a bunny that jumps along the reels. Eggstravaganza enables online gamers to bet a maximum of three coins. Different pay tables are displayed for every coin waged. The coin dimension can be anything from 0.01 - 5.00. The maximum winning is for 3 Easter Egg signs along the payline after the three coins have been bet. The win is 2,500 coins. Whenever a single bunny symbol appears on any given reel within the payline, then it is an automatic five free rotations. On the other hand, if 2 bunny rabbits sign pops out then it is an automatic ten free rotations.